N R Agarwal (1932-2011)
Our inspiration & beloved founder
Founder Chairman

Late Shri N R Agarwal was a visionary first generation entrepreneur and founder of N R Agarwal Industries Ltd., (NRAIL). He was a qualified Chemical Engineer having over 40 years experience in the paper industry. He began his career by working with reputed Paper Mills such as West Coast Paper Mills Ltd and Rohit Paper Mills Ltd, and was General Manager in the latter prior to setting up his own unit at Vapi.

NRAIL has interests in various types of papers such as Duplex Boards, Newsprint, Writing Printing and Kraft. He was the chief architect of the group's vision and value-driven business strategy; and under his dynamic leadership the group has become a globally recognized player in the paper industry.

What started off with a tiny manufacturing unit in 1993 is today with flourishing business ventures with turnover in excess of INR 700 Crores and is set for a major strategic growth to position itself as the leading business conglomerate of India. The Company today has four plants in Vapi, Gujarat, India, it has a new greenfield plant in Sarigam, Gujarat, India and the products of the company are sold across the globe. To his customers he has three promises - the 3 Q's - Quality, Quantity & Quickness and leading by example he has imbibed this in the culture of the organization.

Globalization, excellence, modernization, quality and quantum growth are his guiding principles. Today NRAIL,has evolved into India's largest packaging solution company serving fortune 100 companies not only in India but globally. He was very passionate about the people pillar of business and holds a firm belief that it is this pillar which has been pivotal to the success of NRAIL till now and will take it to the next level. He was highly regarded for his constant emphasis on bettering the lives of people - be it employees, customers, business partners, shareholders or any other stakeholders - and responsiveness to change and continuous learning.

Due to his belief in humanity and faith in the Almighty, he achieved remarkable success in his life. He showed to us what Walter E. Cole said "If we are to achieve we must look for the opportunity in every difficulty instead of the difficulty in every opportunity".

May the great soul rest in peace.
R N Agarwal
Our Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. R N Agarwal, aged 54, is the Promoter and Chairman & Managing Director of the Company. He is an Electrical Engineer and an MBA from USA. He has an overall experience of around 24 years in the field of Product Development, Marketing, Finance and Administration. He is actively involved in the business of the Company since its inception. He has been instrumental in playing a key role in the Company’s growth with his inputs in Strategic Planning and Business Development. Over the years, he has played a vital role in expanding the operations and directing the Company’s growth in a defined manner. Started as Director on Board (1993–2004), followed by Managing Director (2005-2009) and finally Chairman & Managing Director in 2010, he has been largely responsible for the strong turnaround of the Company’s operations as well as development of new project activities.

At the helm of affairs Mr. R N AGARWAL was the key visionary in establishing writing and Printing Paper Plant at Sarigam(Vapi). Mr. R N AGARWAL is a enterprising and customer focused leader forging loyalty with clients and external business vendors. Mr. R N Agarwal’s motivational management style with a proven history of building, guiding and retaining high performance team of professional man power has been a guiding factor for accelerated growth and also striving to optimize operations, reduce cost and improve service quality while strengthening the bottom line.

Mr. R N Agarwal is a dynamic leader and strategic developer with a successful background orchestrating start-ups as well as elevating organizational performance through skillful restructuring and highly focused on adhering to organizational missions and philosophy while positively impacting bottom line and daily performance.

Mr R N Agarwal is technically savvy and a quick study to emerging technology. He is able to quickly assess and utilize the appropriate response to meet the specific needs of the business requirements at hand.

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